Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Adventures At SacAnime

Since starting my job as a digital content producer at Capital Public Radio I've been pretty focused on being the best digital content producer I can be. Which cut into the digital content I was producing for myself.

I'm very happy with the work I'm doing, I love the company and I feel like I'm doing exactly what's right for my skill sets... and, every once in a while, I'll get an assignment (or push to do) something I'm really excited about, this week it was SacAnime.

I find myself wasting hours on cosplay sites and Facebook pages, just being in awe of the elaborate costumes and how much work it must take to create them, so given the chance to do my own round up of my favorite costumes from a con, I couldn't pass it up!

I put together the line-up (with videos) over on

Here's a slideshow of all my favorite photos from the weekend.

And here's some Link Love to a couple girls on Artist Alley.

This is Melody Wang dressed as Korra from Avatar The Legend of Korra, with attitude and all! I love this booth. The art was pretty cute too and she had an adorable knitted Catbug!

Allow me to introduce Sacramento illustrator Melissa Pagluica, I've followed her on Facebook for sometime, her work is breathtaking. 

So that's that... It was a fun and hectic couple hours running around the con to collect all the images, audio and video I needed for this story - but that's the life I love.

If I do ever cover a con again I just want a little extra notice so I have time to get an April O'Neil costume. I feel like that's the most appropriate garb for a journalist at a con. 

And I leave you with this... because I thought it was so adorable!

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