Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring in Sacramento and a sad story

Wow, it's been awhile and I don't have much to show for it.

I picked up archery. So that's awesome.

Oh yeah, and it's spring here! The plum trees are blossoming, in just a few months we'll have a plethora of juicy sweet plums. Luke and his brother built me three new raised beds, so I'll be filling them with veggie starts tomorrow and we're hoping to finally get chickens this year. 

In other news my beautiful old blue bike was stolen a couple months ago. I was devastated. After the the appropriate mourning period I set about finding a new bike. John at Edible Pedal drew my attention to a darling little blue Schwinn very similar to my stolen bike.

Isn't she pretty?

But here's a note on bike theft, I had let a friend borrow my bike, this friend left the bike locked up overnight in a public place - never ever ever ever do this. Also, always use a u-lock and lock the frame and front wheel. Ok? Everyone got that? Let's work together to decrease bike theft.

Also, if you read this blog for the tid bits about cycling - I highly recommend following my new blog, on which I cover Sacramento cycling culture and events.

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