Saturday, December 8, 2012

O Captain! My Captains

As a geek I love a lot of captains. I got to thinking about all the Captains I look up to, Malcolm Reynolds, Han Solo, America, Jack Harkness... I decided it would be funny to make a compilation of those serious geek icons paired with another captain familiar to geeks, Crunch. After all, geeks love cereal (hooray for gross generalizations).

I ended up editing out Harkness because I decided he wasn't main stream enough for t-shirts. I posted the picture up on my facebook and got some feedback and here's the final image.

As you can see I added some other captains to round out the roster, Jack Sparrow and Kirk.
The t-shirt is available from my Redbubble Shop along with my Firefly Series.

If art prints and tote bags are more your style - check out my Society 6 shop.

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