Saturday, March 3, 2012

NAHBS 2012: The Faraday Electric Bike

The second day of the North American Handmade Bike Show is in full swing. Unfortunately I'm not typing this from the media room at the show, I'm at home waiting for someone to bring me a dishwasher - ooh the glamorous life of a homeowner.
Anyway. I'm only here for an hour so I thought I'd bust out a quick post about one of my favorite bikes so far.

I'm so in love with the Faraday electric bike built by some engineers from the innovation firm Ideo. I've been pretty obsessed with this company since I learned about them last semester in my design class. They specialize in innovating new and better ways to make things work. So exciting.

This electric bike has the batteries built into the frame and a cute little on/off switch behind the seat. It's sleek, beautiful and doesn't have clunky electrical features all over.
Adam Vollmer, one of the builders, said the bike rides like a really nice regular bike, but with an eclectic boost.

The front rack is easily removable and holds up to fifty pounds. Perfect for carting around two 12-packs. I especially loved the two headlights pictured in the upper right corner of the collage. They're epically bright, beautiful and efficient.

There are so many wonderful bikes at this show. I'm sure I could do a large post for each one. Soon, I'll be heading back over to soak up the awesomeness, get more pictures and talk to more builders.

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