Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cycling Propaganda Posters

This week's assignment in my digital illustration class was to create a propaganda poster. I've wanted to launch a car-demonizing/pro-cycling fear campaign for a while. The outcome are mostly just pro-cycling. Let me know what you think.

For this poster i drew from classic pin-up girl illustrations adding a popular cycling phrase, "Put fun between your legs." I like the fresh, free, frisky feeling of this poster. The response from my classmates was really positive. 

I saw the "too small to fail" in relation to a bicycle on Pinterest, the original poster is here. I took it and made it my own. 

Serious bike people will recognize this as a vintage Peugeot poster. I love the simplicity and depth of feeling in this illustration. The original said Peugeot instead of Freedom. 

This too was inspired by a vintage bicycle poster. I like the simplistic illustration style and patriotic message. It feel like a classic piece of war time propaganda.

Now how do you feel? Like getting on a bicycle? Good. Mission accomplished.


TheHeatherGirl said...


Digital poster said...

Such a great post on Cycling Propaganda Posters.

National Labor Relation Act said...

The poster it's like a bike day Awesome!!

sean carter said...

I'd love a Soviet style endless-marching-bikes-bigger-than-everything poster. Bikes are humanity's sustainable transport future, sans politics.


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