Saturday, February 11, 2012

Portrait 3: Elizabeth Taylor

So this is the official start of my 40 Faces Portrait Project. As an attempt improve my illustration skills and since I think faces are just the coolest things ever, I'm committing to illustrating a portrait a day for 40 days. Now I might do two or three in one day and then post them over the following days - but the idea is a portrait post a day for forty days.

This is day three. Day one was my Grace Kelly profile, Day two was Hedy Lamarr and today is Elizabeth Taylor.

So what do you think?
Who should I illustrate next? Tomorrow's already taken care of in honor of a very special president's birthday.

So stay tuned every day for the next 37 days for interesting faces.


Starfish Breeder said...

You've gotta do Lucille Ball! Not in Mame though!

Nicki said...

I would like to request Carry Grant and Frank Sinatra! Um... also Steve Urkle.. just to keep it interesting!


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