Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln, have a t-shirt

I've been really into portraits lately. So in honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday I drew a few portraits of the 16th president and made a couple t-shirts on I made the portraits in Adobe Illustrator and then uploaded them into the design tool.

The second t-shirt is referencing a very specific line in a very silly movie. Who knows what movie and scene this shirt is referencing?

If you don't know head over to the blog, there's a post I wrote about the top five Abe Lincoln t-shirts and it explains the "Did you say Abe Lincoln reference." If you're wondering why all this stuff; full disclosure, I totally work there and spend 30 hours of my week doing this awesome stuff and getting paid! Yeah, it's pretty much the coolest job ever.

If you like the idea of designing t-shirts for your favorite president start creating your custom presidential t-shirt on!

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