Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Bike Commuting in Sacramento

The mornings are pretty cold this time of year in Sacramento. Not cold enough to really complain, this is still California. But certainly cold enough to add layer after layer before my morning commute. Here's a comic of what i think I look like leaving for work each morning:

 Under the outerlayers I have a sweater, shirts, tights, there's a couple scarves in there for good measure, it's a little ridiculous. But I stay warm on my 15 minute ride to work.

I drew this picture using my brand new Inkling! Technically it's's inkling, but as the head of the art department I get to play with it!

This image is a little inspired by my new favorite blog Bikey Face! This girl is like me only in an alternate universe known as New England.

Anyway, what are your winter riding tips? What's your favorite piece of winter bike commuting apparel?


Chris said...

I am in a substantially colder part of the country, and my best recommendation for the winter commute is a folding bike. First of all - easy to store inside. My last bike was destroyed by road salt, rust, and a snow drift, since it was too heavy to carry up 4 flights of steps, and too big for my apartment. Secondly - weather changes during the day. So many times, I think it's nice in the morning and of course I'll ride in. Weather turns ugly during the day, and I don't have my raingear or the roads are a mess. Maybe I could plan better for this, but with the folding bike, I just get on the train with my bike, and I can get home no problem. Can still ride in the morning, so I think it's great.

Anonymous said...

that cape looks familiar! i like a good scarf and boots with either leggings, tights, jeans, or gasp jeggings. I am trying not to wear jeans so much to work but it's SOOOO warm and no fussing with heels.


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