Monday, July 11, 2011

Shopping Little Bits of Vintage: my modeling career begins!

My dear blogger friend, Nikki, is a multi-talented young artist, teacher and entrepreneur. She recently started an online vintage store after scoring it big at a garage sale.

She keeps her store stocked up with darling pieces for ladies of all shapes and sizes and she uses real ladies to model her clothes. Here's me modeling a cute 80s teal dress with lace detail.

How about some Pretty in Pink for this 16 Candles dress.

I love this shot, mostly it's my high-waisted red shorts that I love - but the top is cute too and it's what's for sale.
And here's one more 80's teal dress.

I ended up buying one of the dresses I modeled, but I'll save that for a different post.
Have a great, Monday!


nikkibit said...

Thanks for the shout out friend!

QueenVII said...

you are an excellent model and I LOVE the teal dresses! can't wait to see an outfit post with the one you've bought!


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