Friday, July 1, 2011

Seersucker Sweetness

There's really nothing like getting dressed up in vintage clothes with a hundred plus friends and strangers and riding bikes around town eating, drinking and picnicing. Nothing like that - except the Seersucker/Tweed Ride, which is exactly like that.
This year's annual summer ride (seersucker being the fabric of choice) took place last Sunday, on what couldn't have been a prettier day. Not too hot, perfect breeze --- all around delightful.

I had picked up my dress for the event at Bows and Arrows that week, a perfect 50s summer dress in a light puckery fabric (not completely unlike seersucker - but not seersucker).

Here's a shot Bella Q snapped for Sacramento Street Style while we waited for coffee at Temple (the start of the ride).
Here's the breakdown:
Dress - 1950s from Bows and Arrows, $25
Shoes - Lavander Penaljo pumps, probably 1950s, purchased from Crimson and Clover, $10
Gloves - vintage, probably 1950s, crocheted gloves with pearl buttons at the wrist, Antique Fair under the freeway - $8
Purse - Hobo, purchased from Crossroads a long time ago, I traded another bag for it - so it was basically free.
Pearls - a gift from my mom, she brought them back from India.

So that's what I wore - here's a collection of the most impressive riders and bikes.

To read about past rides check out these blog posts:
And here are more shots of our amazing picnic and my outfit:


the Citizen Rosebud said...

YOU LOOKED FANTASTIC! your histamatic pics are so good too, so arty. Great pics there, and always a pleasure to see what you're up to. -Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud

Skyelarkbirdy said...

COOOOT!! You looked stunning, Melodious!! I'm totally going next time.

natale eve said...

I am seriously missing Sacramento's bike scene. It's so tough to go on a nice stroll here in the city! The seersucker ride looks like it was so much fun- thanks for documenting!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wow that looks like so much fun!


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