Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My friends are beautiful and talented!

*Somehow this blog never got posted - oops, here it is now - several months late.*

I had a lovely time this weekend at the Sacramento Second Saturday Art Walk. First, I went to my co-working space, The Urban Hive, to check out Jose DiGregorio's drip paint art.
Jose was still frantically putting up labels for all his amazing paintings. While Musical Charis sound checked - apparently we arrived too early. 
Jose making labels
Jose's gorgeous drip paintings - these are my favorites and they sold that night.
After the Urban Hive I jaunted over to Cuffs for my blogger friend, Nikki Mortham's balloon themed art show.
Gorgeous and talented!

 After Nikki's show I went back to The Hive to see Musical Charis, but they were finished. However, I did run into these two beautiful and talented ladies.
Kari Shipman, stylist and fashion blogger extraordinaire and Jeannine Mengel, amazing photographess.
 We headed to Weatherstone for caffeine, because we were fading and the night was far too young. We ran into from mutual friends and sat and chatted for a bit.
Then they were off on their 2nd Saturday Circuit and I was off on my own - which was a trip to Shine Coffee for an Autumn Sky and Adrian Bourgeois concert. 
Sound check in front of Shine - my own private concert.

All that to say I love Sacramento, I love my friends, I love all the amazing venues and coffee shops - I love the art and the life and the love. Thank you, Sacramento!

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