Friday, May 6, 2011

Velo and Vintage - tomorrow~

Do you like fashion? Do you like bicycles? Well tomorrow night, at Hot Italian, 30 different looks will wheel through the restaurant for your viewing pleasure.
It's the second annual Velo & Vintage fashion show. This year 10 models are showing off three distinct styles found in our glorious capital city: vintage-sweet, party-garb, and funky (janky).

The event is coordinated by Sac Cycle Chic's Lorena Beightler, and styled by Kari Shipman from Juniper James.

Here's an article about the event in Submerge. I wish I was able to go, we looked at our calendar and saw this as the only weekend for months we could get to Humboldt to meet my new baby friend, Coralynne. So go for me, take lots of pictures and report back!

Also, May is Bike month! So get out here and ride! Check out the May is Bike Month website for other great cycling events in this beautiful month of biking.


NikkNaks said...

AWE, I'm so sad you aren't going!!! I will be sure to take tons of pics... have fun in humbolt!

sac cycle chic said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Melody. The event was coordinated by me and styled by me and Kari. There was only one model that Kari styled by herself.

I didn't particularly liked the article at submerge because there were too many inaccurate statements. According to Kari she was misquoted.

Anyway, it was too bad you didn't come. Maybe you can attend next year.



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