Friday, May 27, 2011

Adventures in Home Ownership

I've been so busy! Which is why there's been a complete lack of posting lately. We have lots of ongoing projects and then fun things that pop up randomly. Like last weekend our toilet started bubbling when Luke was in the shower. After a day of trouble shooting and a roto-rooter guy we cleared up a plug but discovered a small section of sewer piped needed to be replaced. So last Sunday Luke dug a trench and replaced the pipe! Easy as pie.

new pipe and my handsome handy husband looking over his work.
broken pipe.
New end table (thrift town $15), cool lamp given to us by our new neighbors, the mirror was left at our old apartment by the previous tenants (Luke sanded it and re-stained and gave it to me for a Valentine's day present).
Cabinet from a garage sale, I added a film on the glass. I bought a bunch of little $1 boxes from target and organized all my bathroom things.
Pretty little decorative towels, a gift from my Mother-in-law.
I found the couch I wanted from Ikea for $300 on craig's list instead of $800 - score! Pillows where hand-me-downs from my mother-in-law.


Kate said...

What a gorgeous couch! And a very nice looking pipe! You both are just too talented :)

nikkibit said...

Yours place is looking fabulous! My favorite is the cabinet... I would have never thought to do the film on the glass, that way no one has to stare at all the crap you have! Genius. LOVE the couch as well, score!


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