Monday, April 4, 2011

Unplugged Melody - Barefoot for Justice

In fashion sometimes what you aren't wearing makes as much of a statement as what you do wear - tomorrow it's all about not wearing shoes.
Every year TOMS hosts "One Day Without Shoes" to help raise awareness about poverty around the globe. One day we don't wear shoes in honor of those who can't afford to wear shoes. Local boutique the Sugar Shack, in partnership with style blogger Juniper James, is hosting a "One Day Without Shoes" event at their J Street location Tuesday from 11 am to 7 pm.

Show off your dirty feet and get 10% off a pair of TOMs and entered to win a pair. There's also going to be food, drinks and a photo booth. Fun Fun Fun!

The concept behind TOMS is every time a pair is purchased a child in a developing nation gets a pair of shoes.
RSVP to the event at the FB event posting: here.


NikkNaks said...

I might be able to swing by... what time are you going!?

Claire said...

I like this a lot. I was on the Toms train way before they became popular, out of utter happenstance. Now I feel like a trendesetter *tee-hee* Really, it's so gratifying to put your money where your heart is.
I hope you had fun!

Peter Hogan said...

I go without shoes whenever I'm too lazy to put them on. A couple times, back in Tanzania, I went into the city barefoot.

Yay, for poverty.....the awareness of it, that is.


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