Monday, April 25, 2011

Orange lace at a movie premiere

I was on the fence about attending the Bill Cunningham documentary premiere at the Crest an hour before it started. Starting in my closet, wondering what to wear, if I'll have someone to sit with, if it's going to be worth the $15...

I wandered into the living room, unsure of my plan and half-heartedly began shifting through a box of vintage clothes a friend of a friend gave me. A bright orange-red lace dress looked interesting. I slipped it on and realized it was an authentic 50's dress, metal zipper and everything.
Then I decide I must go out, here are the shots before getting on my bike to go to the Crest.

The lace is so fragile it has tears in several places and made me a little nervous. I got the belt of modcloth a while back and the shoes are just basic thrifted pumps. In that treasure box was a little cropped wool jacket which I wore over the dress on the ride there.
Upon arrival I knew I needn't had worried. Lots of lovely blogger friends attended the event as well (sans men) so I had plenty of impeccability dressed company.
Here are some of the other bloggers in their movie-viewing outfits:
Kari Shipman of Juniper James and Nikki from Little Bits of NikkNak
Nikki scored her amazing 70s pant-dress from a garage sale for about 15 cents and Kari pulled this look out of fellow-blogger Skylar Mundy's closet.
Skylar, of Let It Reign, looking adorable in Japanese street fashion.
The shoes!
The blogger planel discussing street style in Sacrament: Lorena, Sac Cycle Chic, Kari, Kerry from Fashion Farms and Freedom and Street Style Sacramento and Bella Q from The Citizen Rosebud and Street Style Sacramento.
The film was fabulous. The documentary covered the life of street-fashion photographer Bill Cunningham. Here's a link to the trailer, it's well worth a gander. What struck me is how dedicated he was to his work. He roamed the streets of New York on his bike every day looking for interesting people, people dressed new and different and he took their picture. He's 80 years old and still biking around New York putting together a style page for the New York Times. The film portrayed him as a very humble, good humored, man. Someone who wants for little and lives life for their own fulfillment. He found something that makes him happy and needs nothing else.

The event was a benefit for Verge Center for the Arts and was held in the beautiful Crest Theatre.


Kerry said...

girl, you looked damn fine ! I defiantly vote many wears out of the dress!
take care

Louise said...

I love this dress, Melody. You look so gorgeous!

NikkNaks said...

Such a fun event! See you on Wednesday :)

Noelani said...

All my blogger pals here report this is a must see. Looks like a fabulous time and the dress is gorgeous! Perfect frock for the outing!


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