Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love for Rickshaw Bags and Crossroads Trading Company

For the most part blogging is just for fun. I don't make money off this site (yet), but every once in a while I get some fun kick backs.

For example; my new sponsor, Rickshaw Bags, gifted me this lovely laptop, commuter bag, made from 100% post-consumer tweed in colors I picked out. These amazing bags are made right in San Fransisco and you can pick them up locally at Hot Italian. I've been lusting after these bags for ages and I'm so happy to finally have one to call me own. I spent hours on their site mixing and matching colors and materials to find the exact right combination for me.
Now, I can't rave enough about my new portable office, this bag more than lived up to my expectations. There's enough room for everything I need, the liner of the laptop sleeve matched my new exploding dog laptop cover; they've really thought of everything. Every complaint I've ever had about messenger bags has been addressed. The large pocket isn't too large, there's just enough small pockets and each pocket serves a purpose - which all adds up to easy access to the things you need. There's even a little clip for your keys (which I'm always loosing in the deep recesses of my other bags and purses).
Another recent blog perk was in the form of a $20 gift certificate to Crossroads. Last week I found my photo collage front and center on the company's home page. It's since been taken down, but here's how it looked.

At first I was flattered, until I clicked on the image and was taken to a collection of spring looks with no mention of myself or blog. I quickly wrote an e-mail to the director of marketing explaining they were using my image without permission or credit. They responded with sincere apologies and promised to rectify the situation as soon as possible. In exchange for my trouble they sent me a $20 gift certificate, which I spent the day I received it. I must say I was surprised at the respect and sincerity show by Crossroads in this situation. They were quick to make it right and made sure I was happy in the end. They've earned my continued patronage and my bloggy good favor. 

I bought two summer dresses because the weather's been so lovely, here's one of them.
  • Floral sun dress from Crossroads ($9)
  • Born heels also from Crossroads ($15)
  • Target cardigan ($15)
  • Bass outlet purse ($30)
Oh, and that house in the background, I own it!

Still no internet (14 days and counting). This post is brought to you by The Coffee Garden on 4th and Franklin. 


Peter Hogan said...

Diggin' the bag.
That dress is dandy, as well.

jaronlatona said...

Very nice. :)

I want one of those messenger bags, but can't afford it (unfortunately).

LenaLoo said...

Hmmm... I think I might just need a bag in tweed... Loving it and the very informative side of "It's All Happening"


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