Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What to wear to a pig roast

We were invited to a top secret pig roast party at Mulvaney's this weekend, by Patrick Mulvaney himself.
We were riding by the restaurant and saw some guys unloading a giant dead animal and stopped to ask about it. Patrick Mulvaney, was one of the guys and invited us to the annual pig roast. It's not advertised, while we heard rumors about an epic free party thrown around St. Patty's Day, we didn't know the details.
I asked Mulvaney what one wears to such events and he said something casual.

This is what I came up with:
Green hat from Crossroads, yellow and black Ray-Bans, teal H&M jacket, green Ann Taylor cardigan,  hand-me-down printed tank, Soma lace-cami-bra, old skinny-jeans, new/used red boots from Vintage YSJ.
I accessorized with a vintage snakeskin belt from Vintage YSJ, some plastic bead earrings I found in a bag on the street, and an antique dyed agate and marcasite necklace. The necklace belonged to my great-great grandmother is is probably 100 years old. My Grandmother and her sisters gave it to me for Christmas. I love it so much. I took it to Arareity Jewelers and they tightened the prongs on the stone, replaced some missing marcasite and polished it up all pretty for me.
Going to a pig roast with a spring in my step!

Delicious pork turning on a spit. Thank you Mulvaney's for the best darn pig roast ever!
Also, I got to meet Mayor Kevin Johnson.


Peter Hogan said...

Diggin' the outfit. I would literally murder someone with a candlestick to attend that party.

Forevermelody said...

Hahah - well hopefully next year you can come down and we'll go together. No candlestick murders required.

Nawal said...

OMG! you met the mayor? coolio! :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You're looking good, Melody!
the Citizen Rosebud

NikkNaks said...

I remember hearing about that even last YEAR and planned to go. I'm so mad I forgot!! You look lovely in blues :)

WendyB said...

Love the color of that jacket.


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