Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unplugged Melody - Library Love & Punk Rock Aerobics

I'm sitting in the Library on 22nd Street in Midtown. It's in a huge Victorian house, the smell of old books hangs in the air as sun streams through the windows. It's so peaceful it almost makes me forget about my 8-day long battle for internet in my home.

While I checked my e-mail and tried to get caught up on the plethora web things, a bight red notice caught my eye, "Punk Rock Aerobics." Intriguing.
The notice read:
"Get your rock on and get hard core for a harder core through a variety of exercises designed to get your heart racing and your blood pumping. Work out will be led by the Liptstick Librarian (aka Jessica Zaker) of the rough-and-tumble Sac City Rollers roller-derby team."
And --- it's free! The classes take place in the West Meeting Room of the Central Library (828 I Street) 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Here's the schedule:
April 13 - Punk Rock Aerobics
May 11 - Hairobics (Hairband Aerobics)
June 8 - Punk Rock Pilates
July 13 - Heavy Metal Yoga
The classes are for adults, ages 18 or older. Registration is required at, or by calling the Sacramento Public Library at (916) 264-2920, for more info check out

In unrelated news: the only place I've found in Sacramento that carries picture rail hooks is the Antique Company on X and 21st. He ships them over from England and sells them for $3.95 a piece.

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Juliana said...

About picture rail hooks -- Jared got packages of simple (brass colored, smallish) picture rail hooks from somewhere really convenient when we lived in midtown - I would have thought the Ace Hardware on I & 18th, since that's where he got almost everything. If they don't have them, I'd think East Sac Hardware (on Folsom Blvd) would. There are so many old homes with picture rails around midtown and into East Sac, they must be around. ?? If you've looked at those places, and would prefer cheaper, more basic ones (I know pretty ones exist, but we didn't mind basic), let me know and I'll remember to actually ask Jared where he got ours. And if he still has any among his tools, I am sure you'd be welcome to them since we are sadly picture-rail-less in our suburban existence.


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