Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unplugged Melody - 5 Days Sans Internet

Yesterday morning I dragged myself out of bed and over to the computer, as I do every morning. I pulled up firefox and nothing was there. I restarted the router and then remembered: I moved the phone line over to the new house.
We had originally thought we'd move by March 7th, then the 18th, then the 21st --- ugggh. I had moved the utilities three times and having just decided to move on Sunday the 27th, I failed to stop the moving of the phone before it was too late.
So, here I am sipping delicious Temple coffee, listening to Jazz. I'm so cultured. 
What does one do without the internet? We used to watch TV, but now we only do that over the internet. All our DVDs are packed. We even canceled our Netflix DVD delivery and only use the streaming feature. We are so dependent on the internet in ways I didn't even realize. Cooking, all my cook books are packed. In fact all our books packed.
Here are the things I found I can do without the internet and I've been doing them to fill my time:
  • clean
  • draw
  • watch Firefly (borrowed from friends)
  • stack boxes
  • laundry
  • listen to the radio
I'm sure i'll think of some other things... but here is the product of yesterday's internetless escapades:


Fashion FyoozD Culture said...

OMG! I totally remember the experience of moving and having internet and cable turned off before the actual move. At first like you I was totally clueless as to what the heck I eas gonna do while we wait to move. But then out of boredom my creative mind got to thinking and I came up with some ideas to pass the time. One of them like you was sketching. I also did a lot of writing and I went to the library to check out some books. The library actually became my second

Viquena said...

It makes you more human! :)

Christine Thomas said...

The internets is over-rated. On another note, I love the jacket/coat design on the right.

Forevermelody said...

Thanks Christine. I like it too - I want to own it in real life. :[ I need to learn to sew.


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