Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thrift Scores: Vintage Fans

I've always loved these heavy duty metal fans from Restoration Hardware.

Allaire Desk Fan | $99-$149
Something I didn't know before I married my husband, all members of the Stone family sleep with fans on. I never did before marrying Luke and now I can't sleep without one. So these cute little desk fans are just perfect for creating that needed white noise to get us Stones snoozing. However I don't have $100 to spend on fans.

I found these amazing vintage/antique fans at This n' That Thrift Shop the other day.
vintage desk fan | $15
Large vintage fan | $45
I didn't actually purchase these lovely fans. As far as I know; they're still there waiting to be snagged by the next savvy thrifter who walks in the store. I just took their picture and noted their existence and said a little prayer to the thrifting gods hoping the fans would still be there after we move into our new house.

1 comment:

Skyelarkbirdy said...

1. I have to sleep with a fan or heater going too.
2. Antique fans are legit!


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