Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sexy Panniers - cycling accessories for the stylish

Right now my bike has metal panniers and they stay on all the time. This is fine, except I have to load and unload all my stuff in and out of the baskets which don't always fit my stuff very well. Eventually I'll get a rear rack with detachable pannier bags, so here are some of my dream panniers.

I found this Postino pannier and shoulder bag on Public Bike's website.

If I were buying new stuff, which I'm not because of my 365 Thrift Project, I would totally purchase these panniers. Traveling with my laptop has proved tricky in the past, I have some big bags that kind of work, but this is so perfect. It's waterproof, has water-bottle pockets and reflective details. Maybe if I get into grad school I'll ask my husband to buy it for me as a present (I should find out if I get in this coming week).

This one is also on Public's website too: Brooks Brick Lane Roll-up Pannier

This ingenuous design allows the bag to be tucked away when not in use and features a roomy compartment for carrying cargo. The bags are leather and cotton and designed by the English saddle company Brooks. The bags even have magnetic self closing flaps! Such a rustic and rugged look, perfect for vintage bikes and Tweed Rides.

I found these beauties on Etsy: Swiss Army Bicycle Panniers
These panniers sold in 2009, but I couldn't resist posting them. For a short while the Swiss Army has a bicycle division and these would have been for carrying around ammunition. So stylish!

This is another accessory I find incredibly useful. My friend gave me a pair of similar arm-warmers and they work great for keeping wind out of your sleeves. These long fingerless gloves are also on Public's website are an alpaca wool blend and come in three colors.


Libby said...

OH! I want those Brooks panniers so bad it hurts. They would look so amazing on my Gazelle...but there is no way I could justify spending so much. Arghhh!
(I wonder if I could make some. Hmmmm...)

Forevermelody said...

You should make some panniers like that!!!! Do it and I'll put them on my blog. Please!!!!

Libby said...

OK! It's officially my project for the week...I'll keep you posted.

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Keep Posting:)


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