Saturday, March 12, 2011

Outfit Post: Orange Inspiration

My darling friend Kari featured orange on her blog this week. Which inspired me to take these pictures:

This outfit is brought to you by Thrift Town - well mostly. The corduroy skirt was a Thrift Town find, probably around $3, along with the sweater, 99 cents. I love how tight the sweater fits on my waist and bust but how large the sleeves are. It's a great play on proportion and works wonderfully with a tight skirt.
The boots are my newest score from YSJ Vintage. I love YSJ, it's clean, organized, open and filled with beautiful beautiful things. If you don't live in Sacramento, they have an Etsy store!
I also picked up that long pearl-chain necklace at YSJ.
The chair was left behind in our apartment by the ex-tenant. He left a bunch of stuff, including an antique ash-tray and some random art. We're moving now, and I'm trying to decide if the orange is really my style. I think it might be. Unfortunately, it's a terribly uncomfortable chair to actually sit in.
My husband took these photos and he did a fabulous job, i'm very pleased.
I wore this look to a party and while many of the other girls were wearing silvery-sparkly-tight numbers, I felt comfortable in my orange and navy get-up. I felt a little sassy, unpretentious and ready for a good time.

In events news tonight the Sacramento Flyers are hosting an art ride! Also I going to be in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Old Sacramento, riding for Practical Cycle! I'm very excited. We get to wear adorable green Marty May shirts.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Orange you looking fantastic?
(couldn't resist) -Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud

Sarah said...

Great color combo!!


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