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Kiss Kiss Bang Bangs - a fringe collection

Note: Scroll down for pictures from yesterday's St. Patrick's Day Parade. 

What to do with bangs? Or fringe, if you prefer. I get my hair cut before every wedding I'm a part of. Which for a while meant every three months or so. However the last wedding I was in was in December and we're look at July for the next one. So that's a long time for go without a fringe trim.
Maybe it's time to grow them out?
I am apprehensive. I love my bangs. I think they add a little spice and flair to what otherwise ends up being a hop-out-of-the-shower-and-towel-dry-kinda-look.
This picture was shot right after my last hair cut, which was for a December wedding.

Don't they look great? Shiny, sleek, curled perfectly under and to the side.
This is what they look like right now.
When they get like this my first instinct is to just throw them up in a bobby pin on the top of my head - reeaaaaaal classy!

Here are some of my bang'n looks through out the years:
1. swooping bangs, 2011, cut for Corrie's wedding in Dec of 2010
2. Betty page bangs - 2010 (cut for my sister's wedding)
3. Way too swoopy bangs, 2010
4. Betty Page bangs with hat. 2010
5. Dark, cool, cocktail bangs, 2009
6. 2006? Maybe? no bangs.
7. Blond, slight side bangs, Hawaii 2007
8. Dirty festival-bangs, Treasure Island, 2008
9. 2006 wedding bangs - just little whispies actually. Sarah Jane is sporting some darn cute bangs, but everything she does is adorable. I can't wait until she has her own blog!
10. 2010 short and swoopy bangs.
11. New York, 2005, long bangs, short hair
Some of my Fringespiration:
Zooey Deschanel
Betty Page
Audrey Tautou, Amelie
Audrey Hepburn
Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley)
So what do you think? Which look do you like best? Should I go short? Grow them out? Keep pinning them to my skull? 

In other news: I had an amazing time in the St. Patrick's Day Parade riding for Practical Cycle. Here's a slide show. 


TheHeatherGirl said…
I love the swooping bangs from Corrie's wedding. They are versatile and lovely. xoxo
i <3 fringe! cut them - for sure. i love all the inspiration choices. these some of my favorite looks.
NikkNaks said…
I like 1 and 5 best on you! I think the swoop is the best. I've been having the same bang debate myself for several weeks, haven't had a cut since October! U should try trimming your own bangs in between haircuts, It's easy and free
redripetomato said…
I say yes to bangs. Oh--and I looove you blonde. That's a pain to keep up, but totally cute!
Forevermelody said…
I loved my hair in 5! So much. 1 is good too, but that look requires a flat iron and styling. Maybe I'll try cutting them myself in the mean time until I can unpack the Allure gift cert I got some Fashion week.
Forevermelody said…
thanks Ash, I'm glad you like the blond. I haven't been blond in ages. Your wedding is the next one for a hair cut, so you can weigh in on the color and cut if you want. :)
Anonymous said…
Grow your hair out! I definitely like the no-bangs, but your Cocktail bangs are a super close second on the hotness scale.
Jackie D said…
Oooh you look adorable with the Betty Page bangs! Not many people can pull those off. I also love all your fringe-spirations, especially Jenny Lewis. I want Jenny Lewis's entire head from the neck up.
laura ivy said…
I like them pinned back and in the swoop option number 1 the best.
Kate said…
I must agree - number 1 and number 5 are cute cute cute!
brooklynbliss said…
I say yes to the bangs. They're a cute look on you!

I've also changed my bangs maybe 5 times in the last year and now are considering growing mine out again. I love them but my hair is curly and I'm getting too lazy lately to blow them out, nevermind deal with them in the humid NYC summer weather.

Nice thing about hair is it grows back so have fun with it!
Noelani said…
I am a bangs girls myself. My husband hates them, they are high maintenance but I refuse to do anything else with my hair! Cut them!

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