Friday, March 11, 2011

Friendly Fridays: Sactown Fashion Blogger Love

Wednesday marked the third successful Sacramento Fashion Blogger Meet-up. It was a really casual get-together at Shady Lady.
These girls are so fun. I know I've said this before, but there's nothing pretentious or caddy about the Sacramento Fashion Blogger Community. Most of us are just big, friendly, nerds looking for friends who share our interests.

Here's a role call of the ladies in attendance:
  • Keri from Headlines and Hemlines - This photo journalist takes excellent-office-chic outfit shots. She's got a cute, professional, clean look but she's not afraid to funk it up a little here and there.
  • Angeline from The New Professional - Angeline is an inspiration to me, she's talented, focused and always has great advice on dressing for the job while keeping your personal style.
  • Jen Wade from Wade and Associates - Jen is an incredibly stylish girl who organizes fashion shows and works a full time job on top of her blog. So her blog is seeing some downtime right now, it's still worth checking out. 
  • Lisa from Starship Narcissus - model, photographer, buyer and seller of vintage delights. This is a really fun blog to just look at, very visual, very beautiful. 
  • Kari from Juniper James - cute as a button and ever so classy, Kari is a champion of all things local and also an avid Thrift Town shopper.
  • Ann from Annimal House - Ann specialized in a cooky-fun brand of style featuring lots of vintage 60s, 70s and 80s throw-back looks. She pulls off her off-the-wall style with grace and pizazz, a very fun read.
  • Erin from Bows and Sparrows - I interviewed Erin for my fashion blogger story in Midtown Monthly months ago, but this was my first time meeting the lovely lady. Her blog is so beautifully designed you can't help but just spend hours clicking around taking in all the beauty. She does this great piece called "Closet Case" where she interview someone and survey's their closet.
  • Sarah from Classroom Chic - a blog all about work-outfits for a teacher. Super cute stuff, I love this post about mixing up a shift dress.
  • Tami from Teacher Goes Back to School - Tami is a humorous third grade teacher who blogs about yoga and teaching, she's not a fashion blogger per-say, but we're loose and fast with titles in our group and pretty open to anyone who wants to hang out and chat blogs.
  • Nicki from Little Bits of Nikknak - Nicki is also a teacher and her blog is filled with lovely crafts, adorable outfit posts and witty musings on life.
  • Bibi from Oh My Gatos - she's just two posts into her blogging career and shows lots of promise. I love this incredible vintage yellow dress she wore to the meet-up, so classic.
I was remiss about getting photos of this event. So here's my outfit for the night, worn in honor to Bella at The Citizen Rosebud, our fearless blogger leader who mixes prints and breaks all the rules and is completely fabulous, and has an affinity for rose-prints.

I got this top at Freestyle Clothing Exchange for $13. I had about that much in credit after selling some of my clothes. I love the lace cut-out in the back and the delicate floral print. This shirt-dress embodies how I'm feeling this spring, romantic, playful with a touch of whimsy. I predict florals and lace to be a big part of my life this season.
The jeans are my crazy-old college skinny jean I got for $10 from Willow and Rags in Arcata. The boots are my new favorite things, I got them from YSJ Vintage. I had a $40 Groupon and the boots were $44. I ended up spending $15 for the Groupon and an extra $4 in house. Pretty good deal for a pair of kick-ass vintage boots.
This outfit is 100 percent thrifted. This post brought to you by 365 Thrift.


Skyelarkbirdy said...

Ahh wish I could have been there! I'll def make the next one.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

In case I didn't tell you- I loved your outfit and heady floral prints definitely become you. I know I said that about polka dots on you- but hey I tell the truth and shame the Devil.

It was such a great time! I really hope we plan our next one to include all the the Sacto Fashion bloggers and leave no one out. I love our blossoming community!
-Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud

stanimalandannimal said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout out, and your super early support of my fledgling blog! It's nice to know someone appreciates the effort. It was great to meet you Weds and I look forward to seeing you again very soon hopefully!

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting this, isn't freestyle a fun place...cute top:)

Bows and Sparrows said...

AW!!! This is awesome! Thanks for putting all us ladies together in one place - I'm SO bookmarking this post for future reference. :)

Sarah said...

It was nice to meet you! Hope next time we will get to chat more!

Sarah at Classroom Chic

TheHeatherGirl said...

Love the new top!

Angeline said...

woohoo! It WAS a ton of fun. Thanks for organizing it!

Tami (Teacher Goes Back to School) said...

How much fun was that? So happy to have met you all!

Now let's meet to talk teaching and yoga. I'm definitely interested in hearing more about your education job.


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