Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finding a home (phone)

I'm a millennial, so I'm told. One mark of my generation is our dependence on cell phones and our rejection of land-lines.  
"Among 25- to 29-year-olds, 51 percent lived in homes with only cell phone service in the first half of 2010," according to the Huffington Post. I'm one of those people. 
But there's something about a home phone when you own a home. We're buying and I'm thinking it might be time to settle down and get a land-line. Why not have a home-phone to call our own? So this brings up the question, what kind of phone should we get?
I love the vintage/shabby chic look and an old rotary style phone would be so cute.
This one's going for $430 on ebay
Luke brought up that if we wanted to actually use the phone these models would be very impractical.
So I found this one, it's got push buttons and yet looks just like an old phone. Only problem, I have a hard time justifying spending $100 (tax, shipping and handling) for a phone that doesn't have internet!
Country Kitchen wall phone - $89
So I was delighted to find these babies at This n' That Thrift and Gift on 21st Street.
$15 and $25 - I like the silver wall mount one the best.
I noticed a Store Closing sign on HomeStyle also on 21st, so I popped in to check out the stuff. I love this store, it perfectly captures my aesthetic in so many ways. Apparently they won't be closed for long, they're reopening with new owners. I hope they don't change much. Right now everything is on sale, so go check them out at 2403 21st Street. The sale should be on for another couple weeks.
HomeStyle - vintage looking phone
Here are some other goodies I fell in love with over at HomeStyle. 

Love the color!
this is totally the look I want for my house.
So romantic.
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ChiqueChic said...

I think I love the idea of a home phone more than I would actually enjoy having one. I feel like the only people who ever call landlines are telemarketers! I have been debating getting myself, however. Sometimes cell phones just get terrible reception and for business calls that is not okay!

I love the idea of a getting a vintage phone. Very cute!

laura ivy said...

We have one of those modern phones made to look vintage. We had a landline when we got the phone as a wedding present off our registry, but we haven't had a landline in over two years now. The phone has just become a decoration.

Forevermelody said...

that's one way to do it, Laura. We actually have a land-line for internet and nothing plugged into it. A friend of mine says it's good to have a land line in case of emergencies. So... yeah. Also, we'll be home owners! That's exciting.
Also, Emily, yeah, the only people who call are telemarketers... negative points for the land lines.


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