Thursday, March 10, 2011

All the good: Railroad Revival Tour and David Bazan

Rilo Kiley is one of my all time favorite bands. They have a song "All the good that won't come out." I was thinking about doing an ongoing weekly feature about all the good I find - the good I want to be apart of, but probably won't get a chance. I thought "All the Good" could be the title but I want people to remember the rest of the song and feel a little bittersweet about it.

Anyway, so here it goes: All the Good for April 10, 2011

The Railroad Revival Tour - Three amazing bands, six cities - all by train! Who doesn't love trains? They are old timey, romantic, and they aren't cars - just like these three bands. The touring acts are Mumford & Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Each one has a unique and folky sound perfect for the rail roads. Blue grass band, Old Crow, plays a song called Wagon Wheel which moves me heart and melts it a little in the process. I love Edward Sharpe's Home, i've been trying to get my engaged friends to play it as the recessional song, such lovely sentiments of love. Mumford & Sons captured my heart and established themselves as most played on my itunes this year.

This is a video featuring Edward Sharpe's Home and I think it captures the feel of the whole tour. ;)

Why is this all the good that won't come out of me? Well, tickets are $55 for the Oakland show (April 21st) and seeing as how we're buying a house and don't have the time or cash to get away for a long weekend, we will stay put and listen to recordings of these lovely bands. Oh, and the tickets are already sold out.

David Bazan, Living Room Tour - One of the most fascinating ex-christian indie-rock artists to ever walk the planet, David Bazan, of Pedro the Lion, is playing a series of shows in people's living rooms! One of those living rooms belongs to my friends Jonathan and Audrey! No joke! "How could you possibly miss that?," you might ask. Well similar reasons for the above missing of awesome musical experiences - buying a house, lacking cash and time. Bazan is playing in Eureka, Ca on April 26 and tickets are already sold out.

Soooooo good! Wish I could be there so badly.


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