Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When we own our own home

As renters there's a sense of transitional placement - no matter how long you live somewhere. We've never stayed in one place longer than a year and a half. So when everything is so temporary there are things you don't bother with - like curtains. I've been meaning to hang curtains in our space bedroom/my office since we moved into this place - a year and a half ago. Right now, I'm staring out the window through Venetian blinds... no curtains.
The house we put an offer one just went pending on MSL, which means we will potentially be home owners in a month.
So at this point I can't help make mental lists of all the things I'm going to purchase once we own a house - little things like:
  • A real kitchen trashcan: I've always wanted one of those nice metal trashcans with the foot petal for the lid. Right now we use a plastic bag which we hang off drawers. 
  • Coffee maker: we had a coffee maker once upon a time, but it broke and we just switched to french press, but i really like coffee makers and I've wanted one for a while.
  • Food processor: chopping is great and I do have a blender - but just think of all the dishes I could prepare with a food processor!
  • Bedroom rugs: we live in house with wood floors and the house we're buying is the same way - when you walk around you pick up stuff of your feet, then when you get into bed the stuff comes with you. My husband calls them "crumbbums," and they're annoying. Rugs on either side of the bed would solve this problem.
When we own we'll invest in lawn furniture, or even build some, like this nifty lounge chair out of pallets. 
 Or, maybe we'll grow some literal lawn furniture:

I had a dream last night where I went to Ace Hardware and picked out paint samples for our house - that dream will be a reality in no time.


Jackie D said...

Exciting! I just moved into a new place, and although I'm also renting, I plan on being here for a while and my landlord is pretty lenient, so I'm trying to make it mine as much as possible. So much fun! Definitely post pictures of your decorating and such once it happens.

Ohh and I just found a really awesome coffee maker at goodwill for 2.50, and they always seem to have a ton of nice ones, if you want one before the move :)

laura ivy said...

FYI, I don't know if it's just on my browser (FF) but your Google ad box overlaps onto the text of your first paragraph in your posts now.


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