Thursday, February 17, 2011

Use it or loose it

What makes a life fulfilling? I don't think anyone would answer, "stuff." And yet I've collected more stuff than friends and made more purchases than human connections. What's up with that?
Now I'm faced with the prospect of packing up all my stuff and moving it to a new home. Some of my stuff I haven't looked at, played with, listened to, or even moved since we moved into our current apartment over a year ago.
What things could you possible need to keep around that you once a year or less? I guess first-aid kits and other emergency preparedness items... but that's not what I'm taking about. I'm talking about CDs. 
Yes, I used to pride myself on my CD collection, take joy in picking out the right ones to take to my car and listen to certain CD's so much that didn't play well.
At our old apartment in Eureka I got the idea to organize my CD by color and we carried that tradition into our tiny-downstairs apartment in Sacramento.

This was cool - you couldn't find anything, unless you could remember its spine color, but at this point we had all our music backup on our computer and ipods, we weren't using the physical copies anymore.
We moved upstairs in the same building and the CD's sat out on the back parch for over a year. I did not want to move them again. So we went through all our music and took it down to the local record store and made around $80.
It's kind of a sad story about the demise of the music industry - but at the same time, I will not be a slave to things. I don't need them, I don't use them and I'm tired of moving them. There were some emotional moments going through my CD's; seeing ones I bought at shows, remembering the hours listening to them in my bedrooms. Some CD's helped me through break-ups, others contained anthems for the good times. I have all the music on my computer, but there's something comforting about the physical medium. Maybe how our parents felt about records.

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laura ivy said...

Every so often I get rid of a CD I don't listen to, but I'm a collector. I listen to most music straight from the CD or vinyl record. I barely use my MP3 player. I guess I'm just weird like that.


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