Sunday, February 13, 2011

A tiny backyard dwelling

Our potential new home has quite the expansive backyard - it looks like this:
The house its self is actually fair small, only about 900 square feet, two bedrooms and one bath. We love having people over and I could image that much space could be a challenge with more than two visitors at a time.
This is giving me great cause to dream.
With such an expansive back yard I've been scouring the internet for "tiny backyard dwellings" or "prefab bedroom sheds."
There are so many options and I'm currently entertaining them all:

1. Modern Shed: I like this idea because it's good for winter and summer. These little houses are prefab and adorable, starting at $6,900. We can't really afford that right now, but I love the look and feel of this tiny outdoor room. It would make a great little studio-space and guest room. 

2. A Mongolian Ger: I used to live in Mongolia and these portable round houses have a special place in my heart. I've found some for around $4,000, once again, not something we can afford right away. The lattice frame and canvas covering will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter with a wood burning stove in the center.

3. In the same vein as the ger, I like the idea of a semi-permanent tent space, which can be opened to allow wind through and then closed at night to allow for privacy and warmth. This would be cheaper, the property comes with a tent/canopy frame, we would just need a canvas cover. So this is another affordable option.
This is a Sweetwater bungalow tent-house, this is the smallest model, the Pioneer. Here's an entire list of livable tents.

4. A pallet house: this idea is free! There are patterns online and pallets all over the place.
We'd cover the walls with fiberglass, that's what my husband says.
"Fiberglass is cool and really fun to work," Luke Stone. "It's not that toxic."

Other things to make our backyard an overnight paradise:

In addition to the tiny backyard dwelling and accessories, we're also looking have building a green house, growing lots of veggies and keeping chickens.
I can't hardly wait!


Nicki said...

ooo i love that hot tub! A dream for my yard too!
Ive seen some neat things done with old travel trailers as extra space. Like pimped out airstreams!"

Peter Hogan said...

Get a Ger. You can keep a Costco size bottle of Vodka and shotglasses in it for the visitors. They'll get the genuine Mongolian experience.
I'm so proud of you guys.


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