Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Purchasing Jeans

I'm a dress girl - I love my legs free and exposed. However, in the winter sometimes it gets old trying to match leggings and cardigans and boots. Sometimes you just wanna throw something on and go out. This is when jeans are handy.
I'm pretty sure I haven't bought jeans since my junior year of college (2006). The jeans I currently own include:
  1. One pair of hand-me-down skinny jeans from a coworker (2006)
  2. One pair of thrifted skinny jeans from Willow and Rags in Arcata (2006)
  3. Two pairs of hand-me-down boot-cut jeans one size too big for me, from my mother-in-law who said they were too big for her (2008)
  4. A pair of straight-legged jeans I found in a bag on the street, a little too short for me, (2010)
Every time I go jean shopping I get a little anxious, sometimes I freak out. I'll bring a huge stack into the dressing room and then none will fit, it makes me wonder if God screwed up when he was making my butt. Then I'm sent into a spiral of doubt and confusion about my faith and my image - all because jean manufactures don't account for girl's thighs when designing jeans.

I figured this year, my year of thrift, I wouldn't even try. I mean, if I can't find jeans in folded, labeled stacks at department stores without hyperventilating, how will I managed to buy used?
But something magical happened last week. I went into FreeStyle picked out two pairs of jeans, a skinny and a wide-leg in dark washes. Went to the dressing room, took a deep breath and shimmied into the denim anxiety-machines. This is when the miracle took place - I didn't feel panic, I didn't feel anxious... I felt level-headed and in control. I even left the dressing room to get the clerks' opinions. They were so kind and encouraging - and said the jeans looked great and since they were half off I should get both.

Here are the skinny pair. I scored the top from Thrift Town, it's Vera Wang ($4.50). The shoes were a dollar at a garage sale, Steve Madden. The jeans were the most expensive piece, half-off $34.00.


Kate said...

What a great find! They look great on you! Jeans really scare me too, lol :)

sayuri.riecke. said...



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