Thursday, February 3, 2011

Personal Style: Layering and Bicycling

I got my bike back from the shop and she rides better than ever! A few weeks ago I put my food in my spokes sending my body over the handle bars and crunching my bike fork. Whitworth's Cycles ordered a new fork and got her all fixed up.
So in celebration I pulled out my handmade vintage skirt (Crimson and Clover), lacy white button up (Crossroads), brown cardigan (Target), teal jacket (H&M) and went for a little ride.

I love my bike!!!! 

One of the tricks to winter cycling is layering. I have an entire drawer full of thick warm tights, so even if I'm wearing a thin skirt I can still keep pretty warm. On top I'm wearing a light button up blouse, an a sweater and a jacket. When I reach my destination I can shed one of more of my layers if need be. Gloves are also a must - I love my brown tweed gloves I purchased at Target before starting my 365 Thrift project.
On sunny days like today it can go from really cold in the shade and the wind can be brutal - but then sitting in the sun is warm and delightful - layering is important.

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Libby said...

This morning I started out with wool tights covered by ribbed cotton tights, a cotton canvas skirt, cotton tank, cotton cardigan, wool cardigan, wool overcoat, cashmere lined leather gloves, wool hat, and a cashmere scarf...oy!


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