Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Urban Homestead: Dreaming of Chickens

Sacramento has some pretty anti-Urbanhomesteading laws on their books. For instance right now you can't own chickens or grow food in your front yard. Local home-steading advocates are currently pressing for changes. Campaign to Legalize Urban Chicken Keeping (CLUCK) is fighting for the city council to pass an ordinance to allow the keeping of chickens within the city limits and even before that passes we'll be ready. The ordinance they're talking about passing require the chicken's home be 30 feet away from neighboring homes; fortunately, our new yard is big enough to accommodate this.
The ordinance also only allows for up to 3 chickens and charges a $15 registration fee per chicken.
I take issue with this. Three chickens is probably enough for two people, but what if I had six kids or wanted to share my bounty with my neighbors; maybe start a block gardening co-op. The government shouldn't limit our freedoms that way, it's nit-picky and inconsistent.
Also; $15 a chicken is outrageous! I get registering dogs, sometimes they snap and bite people's faces off, but chickens don't. They don't bark, they don't poop on people's lawns. They tend to be pretty chill animals all and all. Also they have a shorter lifespan than dogs. If I get some chickens, they promptly (God forbid) get munched up by raccoons I'm out $45! That's a lot. Most dogs aren't prey to the greater portion of the urban food chain.

No matter, either way I'm going to begin dreaming about my perfect chicken coop, here's my Chick Chic Coop moodboard.


laura ivy said...

My babysitter had chickens and a host of other animals, including a goat, since she was in Sac county and not Sac proper. Likewise, here in Carmichael, people have horses, donkeys and even zebras. It's kind of crazy.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

West Sac allows chickens. I hope Sac will wise up! I don't mind the idea of a license fee but yeah, 15 a pop seems unnecessarily steep. I hope you get your chickens some day. Soon.


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