Thursday, February 3, 2011

Men with style

 I found these two dapper gents enjoying coffee and a smoke at my favorite coffee shop, Old Soul at Weatherstones.

Scott, classifies his style as Creedance Clearwater rock'n roll, in this classic white button up with vintage leather vest, tight black jeans and vintage leather ankle boots all topped off with spectacular vintage spectacles. 

This musician and artist hits up flea markets when looking to complete his style. Aaron works at the Sacramento Bee and finds joy in creating music and art. He's wearing a vintage navy-issued jacket he picked up at a flea market for a dollar, leather shoes he got resoled, neatly pressed blue jeans with a center crease, and a 70's polyester print button up. The giant thrifted sunglasses and dashing cap really bring the whole look together.

It's so nice to see stylish guys putting effort into their wardrobe.


Anonymous said...

How did these guys feel about being approached to be on your blog? I bet they thought you were trying to get a date!!

Melissa K

Forevermelody said...

they didn't mind. They knew the friend i was with. Plus the big ring on my right hand usually deters people from wanting dates with me, unless they're my husband. :)


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