Monday, February 7, 2011

Long line of cars

"There's a long line of cars
And they're trying to get through."

That song was written about Sacramento on Free Museum Day, I'm sure of it.

I hate traffic, unless I'm on a bike; then the thrill of riding past stationary cars filled with frustrated people is just too juicy.
This long line of cars goes all the way from Old Town, across the over pass, past the Crocker and is back up all the way to P Street. We sped by them on our bikes, enjoying the freedom and feeling good about ourselves. I did stop to take this picture of the bikes parked along side the long line of cars.
These cars are trying to get through having completed free museum day.

Old Sacramento was a mess of people, cars and a few cycles on Saturday. I was so glad we biked. There was plenty of free parking, we didn't get stuck in traffic... brilliant.

The lovely Sac Cycle Chic posted this last week and I felt it appropriate for this post:

Too true.
On another bikey-note, I spotted these sexy cycles Saturday:

So pretty - I love the military text on the fender.

I also payed my first visit to Practical Cycle, a bike shop I've been meaning to check out for ages. I was greatly pleased with their cargo bike inventory and test rode a darling and elegant Linus.
She rode like a dream... sigh... maybe someday.


cassidy said...

Cool post Melody, thanks for the links and kind words. It was nice meeting you on Saturday and I LOVE your site. :)

cassidy said...
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