Monday, February 21, 2011

I am an Urban Homesteader + Dead Presidents

As my readers may know someone has unjustly trademarked the term "Urban Homestead" and sent numerous cease and desist letters to companies, blogs and publisher using this phrase. 

In protest Take Back Urban Homesteading sent out a call to arms, asking bloggers to use the phrase in their title today and write posts about their urban homestead.

i grew these!
They aren't very pretty - but we grew them and that's what's important.
In other news check out a wonderful post from the EFF on the subject.

Update: The Crunchy Chicken compiled a list of some of the blog posts put up yesterday, well over 100 and counting!

Also - a very happy Presidents Day! 

Jackie O and James Monroe

Thank you Two Rivers Cider for putting together the Dead Presidents Ride - a good time was had by all!
James K. Polk approves.
Filling my presidential cup - yep, the heads of all the presidents up to LBJ
Tea anyone?

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