Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fantastic Finale - Sacramento Fashion Week

Sacramento Fashion Week reached it's zenith last night with six brilliant local designers showcasing their collections.
The Elks Tower Ballroom was packed the energy was high; no matter how much the host, Kristin Marshall, insisted we weren't loud enough.
Now, for a confession. Before Friday I'd never been to a real designer fashion show. So I don't have a lot to compare this too. I can say it was fabulous.
The show started late but my blogger friend, Emily Allred from Chique Chic, said every fashion show she's ever been to starts late.  Since I'm used to covering rock shows, which never start on time, I wasn't bothered.
There was a kerfuffle about our seats at first. The interns insisted Emily wasn't on the list and couldn't go in, I'm sure the intern didn't know Emily's name is in the program under "blogger." We found the show director, and quickly righted the problem. He sat us near the end of the runway in the front row!
Apparently the seats were intended for Mayor Kevin Johnson, who failed to turn up. His loss is our gain!

The show was exquisite. There were lines I loved, loves that moved me, lines I wasn't fond of and lines I wanted to take right off the models and bring home with me.
Here are some of my favorite pieces:
Cable knit cocktail dress - Linzel Couture
Tiana Vega Collection

Melissa Kay and I share a love for tweed.
Melissa Kay - tweed one piece suit.
Love by Janelle Cardenas; this collection featured bright colors, tattoo prints and subtle nautical themes.
Nelly Salogub, i love the beaded waist detail.
More Linzel Couture; great denim evening gown an a black lace cocktail dress to die for.  

All the hair and make up was amazing and done by the stylists over at Allure Salon and Spa. The VIP goodies bags included a free hair cut at Allure. I'm very excited to update my look under the thoughtful and precise care of the Allure stylists. 

Here are some shots from the fantastic photographer Chris Johnson at Xavier Photography.  
Ceazer Cabreros
Linzel Couture
Nelly Salogub - can you find me in this picture?


ChiqueChic said...

Thanks for the shout out! Your pictures turned out great!

Forevermelody said...

Of course! I couldn't not mention you! We were practically joined at the hip!
I can't wait to see your post!

NikkNaks said...

How amazing! I didn't want to cough up the money to go, but if I had known I could get a free haircut out of it, I would have totally been there! I am so jealous!!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I am so stoked to read you got KJ's seats, and front row no less! The shots are fantastic too. Really great shots that capture the allure of the runway.

Little ol' me was no VIP. Seats not so sexy and NO goody bag with a free haircut. But I did enjoy the energy of the 2nd night so much more. And the people were dressed up to the nines.

Speaking of- I am so bummed I didn't snap a shot of you dolled up in polka dots and a rockin' overcoat! Buuuumed. I saw Loressa and she was dolled up in dots too. Gah.

Hope you put an outfit post in somewhere with your look for the night. You looked fab. Definitely deserve of some front row treatment.

the Citizen Rosebud

Forevermelody said...

Oh yes, the energy was sooooo good. I do have an outfit post all ready to go for my look - i'll post it tomorrow - I also have pictures from the Crossroads fashion show from yesterday. I got the dress there. It only made sense.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Looking forward to both your outfit post and the Crossroads Fashion show. Glad you were there to take the pics!
Am linking to this post, will tweet you a url later.


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