Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buying a House in Sacramento

Two years ago today I was preparing to leave the life I built in Humboldt county and move to a bright brand new future in Sacramento. I had been laid off from my dream job when the Eureka Reporter closed, my husband was also out of work and I had two job offers in Sacramento. So I packed up my Honda Civic, with my cat and my clothes and moved to Sacramento.
In May 2009 we moved into the building in which I'm currently sitting. This is the longest time, through out our 4.5 years of marriage we've stayed in on building.
Never did I ever think less than two years later we would be seriously and actively trying to buy a house.
As first time home buyers we were very unclear of the process, but we have an amazing real estate agent (who happens to be our land-lord) and we're getting wonderful guidance.
After a few offers that didn't pan out - the most recent one because I realized it was the house I wanted and we pulled the offer. We finally sat down and made a graph with our priorities and what we need in a house.

Here are our top three:
  1. Location: either within Tahoe Park or as Close to Midtown as we can get.
  2. Large backyard - big enough to grow our own food.
  3. Garage/Work Space
Peripheral search factors include: character (I like older houses), new HVAC, raised porch, wood floors and we weren't looking for anything needing a ton of structural work (cosmetic is fine).
After months of searching something came on the market in our price range, blocks away from midtown, on a huge lot, with a work-space/shed and hardwood floors.
Nothing is final yet, we're going to work on financing today an then make an offer. Hopefully everything will come together and we'll be packing up and out of this amazing apartment by March.

Something about me - I love planning. I can't help it. When a friend tells me she's in a serious relationship (or just going on a date with a cute guy) I begin picking out songs they might play at their reception. I just love planning.
So this website, www.floorplanner.com is like crack to me.
I know we don't have the house yet and some might say it's premature to plan like this, but I'm someone who likes planning but isn't thrown by my plans not working out. Twice a month I plan a trip overseas - that hasn't worked out for me since 2005.
Anyway - here's the layout and potential design elements of our potential new house. We've got garden plots and a round green house in the backyard (those are all dreams, all that's back there right now is a shed and some small bare trees). We want to keep chickens (shuuuuush, don't tell code enforcement).


NikkNaks said...

I just blogged about how I don't know if I will ever be able to get a house! I am beyond jealous. You must share with me all of your first time home buyer experience, I need inspiration!!!

Christine Thomas said...

Your planning is called dreaming. Dream on, Melody!

LenaLoo said...

Wish I had known about floorplanner.com in February. I hand drew (so not to scale) the floor plan I wanted to lay out our new place in. I can't really draw, so it was comedy.


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