Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter in Sacramento

A view of my city from the seat of my bike. 

My favorite season in Sacramento is fall, it's still warm enough for skirts but it's so fun to bust out the winter accessories. I did a riding photoshoot in November, here's a link.
This shoot is all about winter. My garden is looking a little sad, I can't go outside without a hat, gloves, heavy coat and scarf. Biking sometimes makes my face hurt with the cold - but i still love it. 
The main visual difference in Sacramento's seasons are the trees. For much of my life I lived tucked away behind the redwood curtain, it's so great to see seasons.
You can tell people are more bundled up in the winter, but just looking around, the only way you'd know it's winter is the bare branches reaching up to the sun. It's still bright and sunny and even warm when biking heavily, but the trees are naked.

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CKaz said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's - My favorite season is definitely fall as well but I think I would like to come to winter there! It seems I have forgotten how nice it was from when I lived in San Jose.

Loved the bike perspective!

Looks like gorgeous weather compared to winter in Dallas -

Amanda B said...

Beautiful pictures! Where did you make the photo collage?

travelgirl said...

I miss this....I went to college in Davis, and I always loved fall up there!

Also, I'm not sure if you do blog awards, but I gave you one! It's the stylish blogger award :) I love this project you're doing with only thrifted find such cute things! Check out my latest post for the details of the award :)


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