Friday, January 28, 2011

Outfit Post: Grecian Urn

When I was little we watched the Music Man just about weekly. My dad loves musicals. One scene I felt was over-the-top, even as a seven-year-old, was this bit where they were all doing a Grecian urn dance.

"One Grecian Uuuuurns," a large-older female dance instructor screeches in a silly voice while other portly ladies danced like, I guess... Grecian urns.

For some reason, the drapping probably, this dress reminds me of a Greek goddess, which reminds me of Grecian urns.

 This dress was purchased for me by my dear friend, Sayuri, from Shipwreck in Eureka.
The shopkeeper said she got it from a woman who designed costumes and it's probably from the late 1970's. I forgot to take pictures of the back, which is so beautiful, so here's a crappy shot using my computer's camera.
The scoop back and natural waist line makes this dress ultra flattering, or at least I think so.
Ok, I'm off to an art exhibit opening.


laura said...

you look beautiful deedee..the color is great. I will look forward to seeing you wear it in person. when you come up sometime we have to pull out my bin of vintage clothes...some i even made or bought back in the 70's.

Angeline said...

oo so pretty! I love the drape and the color is just beautiful, too.

Kate said...

very beautiful! i love the color

Viquena said...

Ooh, fun bodice!


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