Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Custom Cargo-bikes in Sacramento

I've been drooling over cargo bikes for a while now.

Someday if I ever have kids I want to invest in the SUV of Bikes:
My dream is to be able to carry a child or two and a couple bags of groceries at once.

Now for a confession - I made a very stupid move on my bike last week. I noticed my fender was rattling - so, to fix the problem I decided to kick it. This resulted in my foot getting stuck in the front wheel and my body flying over the handle bars. The front of my bike hit the ground with such force the impact bent my fork. I took her into the Bike Kitchen and they were all very helpful, although very busy. We couldn't find a fork and we didn't have time to take it apart and try bending it back.
So, I called up Whitworth Cycles. Whit said he thought he had a fork and if he didn't he might be able to bend it back. I carefully ride her over to the nifty little shop tucked off the S street between 24th and 23rd.
Upon arrival I see this beauty!

 Whit Brooks designed and created this custom cargo bike for my favorite local cider company, Two Rivers Cider. The rear part of the bike is salvaged from a wreck, while Whit welded the rest. The wooden slats are from a old futon. Two Rivers commissioned this bike for keg deliveries. Doesn't it just make you want to throw a party?

- As for my bike? He didn't have a replacement fork but knew of a company that makes a fork that will work. So he's going to order the part and get me fixed up before the end of the week.


Lady Helman said...

WOW! That bike is the bomb :D What a great idea.

Katherine Brooks said...

best work and best service around!


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