Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Treasures above a fortune cookie factory and 365 Thrift

 My last outfit post was about my darling polka-dot vintage dress I scored at The Citizen of Rosebud's boutique in an artist's loft above a fortune cookie factory. Here's another dress I found in her vintage wonderland. It was on the $2 rack. I'd been wanting a long dress for a long time. I wore it with gray tights and gray boots.
I'll post better pictures soon but I did get my hair cut and dyed at Luxe Salon. I love it! I have a pink/red strip on the left side, like a my little pony.

Here's a collage from when I was doing 31 Dresses, just for funsies.

I'm so sorry for my lack of posting lately. We've been trying to buy a house, my best friend is getting married, finals are upon me, I'm applying for grad school, our car was stolen then found and needed repairs and so on and so forth... life's been crazy.

Even though I haven't been writing a lots been going on. For example I officially started the 365 Thrift Project on the 1st and now only shop for clothes at vintage boutiques and thrift stores. So far it's been uneventful, but I just started.
I might fudge a little when it comes to buying presents for others, but very very little.
I bought my soon-to-be-married-friend vintage nighties from the Citizen's boutique and she loved them.
I keep meaning to make a graphic for the project and write up a blog post, but life's really gotten away from me.

So here's the project, 365 Days, no new-new clothes. I can purchased used, vintage and handmade. I'm also trying to apply this to household items as much as possible, although it may be a challenge when we move into our new house.

The experiment has begun!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

you are rocking the maxi!

so your 365 Thrift project started in December? Or Jan 1st. Let me know. I am an inquiring mind.

We should probably organize a blogger swap or something after the holidays, so you can get some clothez....

See ya tonight!

coco said...

I love the dress! And I'm super digging your hair. I can't wait to see more pics of :D

travelgirl said...

oooh lovely dress :) I'm excited to see what else you find during this experiment!


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