Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thrift Scores and an outfit

I visited a new thrift store on E Street, Lost Treasures. It's run by local belly-dancing icon Jodette and the proceeds go to help feed and clothe the homeless.
I found an amazing set of glasses there, 8-pieces for only $10.

They have all the US presidents up to Lyndon B Johnson. Which make this find pretty easy to date; it has to be after 1963 and before 1969. We tried looking them up online but found nothing, so I don't know if they're worth anything, but they sure are cool.
We had friends over for dinner and Christmas carols and upon showing them this glass we determined we liked songs about presidents and the proceeded to listen to:
  • James K. Polk - by They Might Be Giants, here's a youtube video of them playing it for a bunch of kids.
  • The Presidents - By Jonathan Coulton, here's a video for this lovely ditty explaining each president's impact on our country and a humorous manner. 
  • George Washington - this video is not appropriate for Grandmas, children or people who are easily offended. 
Do you know any awesome songs about the presidents? 
Do you envy my awesome presidential drinkware? 

Other interesting things I found at thrift stores this week.

What the heck is that?
 Ooooh... wow.
 And it has a tape deck! How awesome is that?
If you feel like you need this tanning bed it was at Thrift Town Tuesday night. 

I also found some nifty faux-fur lined boots, $3.50 at Thrift Town.

Lavender Shirt - basic v-neck, Target, $10
Chocolate Cardigan - basic cardigan, Target, $15 (similar)
Zig-zag print Skirt - Crimson and Clover, $1
Tweed gloves - Target, $14
Pencil Leggings - Hue, $25
Faux-fur lined Boots - Thrift Town, $3.50
Found object necklace - Porkchop Rules, Crimson and Clover, $12

And a close-up on the boots.

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