Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sm, Med, Large - Cami-Bra!

Midtown Monthly recently approached me with an opportunity to have a monthly style feature. The piece is called "Small/Medium/Large," and it's my job to pick three of the same item, from local venues, at three different price points.
To illustrate the concept I'm going to do an exclusive Melody Stone Media edition of Small/Medium/Large with my very favorite item --- The Cami-Bra!

Small/Medium/Large: Cami-Bra

The concept of the cami-bra is a strip of lace across the bosoms too prevent copious cleavage. Simple enough concept. The lace not only obscures your lovelies, keeping them private and personal, it also keep them nicely in place. This bra provides the support, style and modesty of a camisole, without added bulk. Brilliant!

At a wedding I recently brides-maided some of the other brides-maids set about making their own lace boobie coverage. There were a couple plunging necklines needing some taming. So they hopped over to a fabric store and picked up some black lace, then sewed the lace to the front of a black bra.
Heather crafting the cami-bra
Sarah modeling the finish product.
 DIY Cami-bra, $1-5

Now as nifty of a DIY cami-bra is, a store bought version holds everything in better and doesn't move around as much during wear. I really love my Soma brand cami-bras. They hold-up great and fit me perfectly (bras fit everyone differently, so I can only attest to my experience)
Soma has an online store and as well as locations in malls. Right now they're having a massive sale, so that's always a plus. I have three cami-bras in three different colors. I wear the black and cream the most.
Camisole Bridget Lined Underwire Lace Bra - Soma Intimates, $19 on sale right now.

This is the bra that started it all. I went over to my friend's house and she presented me with the Nordstrom's catalog claiming we needed this bra immediately. I was a little skeptical, after all, it looked like some weird lacey sports bra. The next week we went to the mall and tried on these bras. I liked it, but not $60 like. So my friend purchased hers and we walked down the hall only to find Soma! Where they had the same style bra, cheaper and buy one get one half off!
Not to down play this bra, it's beautifully crafted and looks amazing with those low-cut numbers. Also, you can't beat Nordstrom's customer service.
Natori Zen Contour Cami Bra - $58 at Nordstrom


Nicoletta said...

Love it! I think i might just make a nursing cami bra!

TheHeatherGirl said...

Hooray my fingers made it into a blog!!!

Sarah said...

I LOVE Soma but I have not tried their cami bras. There is something about showing your bra as a cami that I am just not ready to get on board with yet.

Sarah at Classroom Chic

Colleen said...

I have the Soma ones. They are awesome.

I never thought of DIY.. That's nice too.

Miguel Freitas said...

Love it! My female cousin is always asking me to search about cami bras and luckily I found your blog. And later I will tell her that I found your blog. It is really a great help to her.


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