Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my dear Readers!

Luke's never been very big on gift giving. Earlier this month I was putting on my slippers (a gift from Luke, Christmas 2007).

"Luke, I really love these slippers, thanks for getting them for me," I said, reflecting on that year. "You got them for me the same year you gave me that lovely body butter, that was really nice."

"Yeah! That was the year I went all out," Luke said, so proud of himself.

"Wait... slippers and fancy lotion is 'going all out' for you?!?!," I asked. "You know for most guys diamonds is 'going all out,' right?"

I wasn't expecting much from my stocking this year, but I also wasn't expecting green beans. Oh, marriage is full of surprised.

So, gift giving is not Luke's love language, and that's ok. He's got lots of other great qualities, giving great back rubs and making me laugh - to name a few.
Despite gift giving being outside his strength set, this year he really out-did himself (with slippers and body butter being the pinnacle it's not hard to do). He found a used Wacom digital drawing tablet! So I can better color and draw on the computer. Ideally making my comics better. I love that he got it used and didn't support some big-box chain or electronics company. All around awesome. Now I just need to learn how to use it.

My tablet, and Luke with his present, a book on exploding things.
Merry Christmas from the Stones!


TheHeatherGirl said...

Green beans. A new bar has been set. :)

feministified said...

Adorable Christmas pics!


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