Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cloak envy and a new coat

I've recently become aware of a desire within me for a cape. It might have started a long time ago, but it was recently, while shopping at Crimson and Clover when I was really struck by the strength of this desire.
A fellow fashion blogger, Lisa from Starship Narcisuss, was also shopping Crimson that day. While I was chatting with the shop owner Lisa grabbed a vintage red cape off the manikin in the store window. It was brilliant, so vibrant, so darling. I wanted it. She bought it... so I didn't get it. But ever since I can't get capes off my mind.

Here are some examples of adequate Christmas gift capes, if anyone feels so inclined.

Matthew Williamson ladies purple wool cape, 800 GBP
Gryphon Sherlock Cape, $452
Nadinoo — Pixie's Adventure Cape, 280 GBP
Everything-In-Place Cape, $198
Bright Blue Yonder Cape | Mod Retro Vintage Jackets |, $148
Prancing Peacock Cape, $118
Bound Seam Duffle Cape, 60 GBP
Nadinoo — Lula's Adventure Cape
Karl Donoghue Suede and shearling cape, $1,790

Yeah, most of these options are way out of my price range. So I've been combing local thrift stores and vintage boutiques.
Today I visited Vintage YSJ on 12th Street, between I and J, for the very first time. It was wonderful. Took lots of self control not leaving there with 31 new dresses. They even had an amazing cloak/cape, but it was on a special not-for-sale rack awaiting the launch of a new online store.  
So when I got home I drove out to Carmichael to check out their Thrift Town (i heard it's better than the one off Stockton). No capes to be found, but I did pick up a Bromleigh wool coat. 

 The coat was $20 at Thrift Town and when my husband saw it on me he said there was no way he would stop me from buying it. I especially love the International Ladies Garment Worker Union tag, this coat was made in the United States by workers getting paid fair wages. Ethical, vintage, classic. The tag is red, white and blue, meaning the garment was made after 1974, according to this eBay guide on tags. (My mom made our stocking, hanging behind me head, she's super talented, she also painted the leaf picture).

I picked up this 40's style dress from Crimson and Clover last week for $1. It has a plastic zipper, which makes me think maybe it's from the 80s, but I'm still learning how to date clothes. The shoes are from Bows and Arrows, also probably from the 80s. 

Thanks for reading! 


Brigette Black said...

Oh, I love capes. It's like wearing a blanket but still looking chic. I love the choices up there! I'm rooting for you to get a good one ;)

wadeassociates said...

Cute coat! Your cape will come when you least suspect it :)

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

wow! Score !

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I love the capes! And yes, I kinda collect them, although I did just sell 3, so I'm down to 2. We'll shop for more capes together.

The coat is classic. And it does look very good on you; trust your hubby's instincts. The $1 dress, what a find! And I am liking how you are dating your vintage; both boots and dress look from an earlier era but are smack dab in the heart of early to mid '80's.

Mia said...

Love the coats! I wish it's cold enough where I'm from so I can wear coats and capes like those! hahaha! :)


Lisa said...

I hope you find the perfect cape and we can all have a cape party:)I till need to post it!

Ashley Hasegawa said...

I too am in search of a lovely cape :( They are so beautiful arent they!


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