Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thrifty Housewares

I've realized a couple things in the four years as a wife/homemaker.
  1. Purchasing new housewares is expensive
  2. I like the way used/vintage things look better
Here are some pictures of some of my favorite thrifted housewares.
I purchased the vintage globe at a rummage sale in Eureka for $5, I loved it and was so excited when I brought it home, Luke took one look at it and yelled, "Melody! We live in a STUDIO APARTMENT!" After that every time one of us wanted to buy something we'd yell, "We live in a STUDIO APARTMENT!" Now we live in a two bedroom, so we don't yell that as much. The bamboo I found in a green waste pile on the street. I received the sari curtains as a wedding present from my friend's who travel to India regularly.

I love this picture, It was a major garage sale score, $5. The couch was given to us by the guy who painted our house.

The ballerina drawings are Degas prints I picked up for $5 each at a garage sale and the robot is a sharpie on old piece of metal done by my friend Aaron Hassler.

This awesome orange chair belonged to the guy who lived in our house before we did. It was his ex-girlfriend's. Our cat is sleeping in the chair.
I picked up the flour container/spoon holder St. Vinnie's in Eureka and my fridge is plastered with friend art, mostly by people who's last name is Sutter. The pasta containers were purchased from Ikea, but I see these same kind of containers at thrift stores all the time for a fraction of the price.

Speaking of art. This is a found sculpture I did with a garage sale robot and a bunch of old cell phone chargers and controllers. I call it, "Controlled."

Our bedroom. I love this space. The vintage suit case was purchased at Crimson and Clover, the trunk was found on the side of the road in Eureka. My friend Becky gave us the dresser, the mirror we found on our back porch and Luke re-stained it and cleaned it up for a valentine's day present. We actually got out bed at Ikea, but sometimes you have to buy new. My grandmom made the quilt for us as a wedding present, she used vintage reprint fabrics.
My Mom is so incredibly talented. She's helping women in Tanzania give birth right now, so she lent me one of her biggest brightest leave paintings. My kitchen table is covered with a thrifted lace table cloth from This n' That, I found a vintage trivet and electric hot plate from Thrift Town. Luke protested claiming there's no such thing as a trivet, but I think he's given up on that battle. The veggies in the bowl I grew and the bowl is a Fire and Light second purchased for me by my friend Sayuri. I don't know where the red vase came from, but Luke bought me those flowers.
Close up on electric hot plate, Fire and Light bowl and my veggies.      

I hope this little tour of my home inspires you to think "Thrift Town" instead of "Target" the next time you need a trivet or table cloth.


Angeline said...

SO in love with your globe and art! Thrifting is such an awesome way to decorate your house with stuff no one else will have.

TheHeatherGirl said...

I grew up with TRIVETS. They are real. It's funny word though...

Does your mom sell her art?


Katie W said...

You've found some awesome things! I LOVE the art above your couch and your mom is very talented!

Anonymous said...

Dude great pictures! I didn't know we had so much cool stuff. BTW I believe in trivets now.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

I swear I had an orange chair just like the one you have. LOVED that chair. Until a cat clawed it to death. Orange is under-loved in my opinion.

PS: I believe in trivets too. They are real. Unlike unicorns.

laura said...

deedee, i have a vintage ironing board if you are interested! it was my grandma's and it has the price tag on it..$1.49 from White House...which was a store like Walmart back in the day.

April said...

I love your house decor! I really like those Degas prints...I'm a crazy Degas fanatic! ;) Using the saris for curtains is such a great idea! I think I might have to borrow that one. :)

Forevermelody said...

Thanks for all the great comments, friends. Yes, I too believe in Trivets. In fact, everytime someone says they don't believe in trivets a trivet dies. Which is fine, they work better dead anyway.
Laura, I'd love to have your ironing board. I really need an ironing board, actually.
April, the sari's as curtain idea, I got from Laura!


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