Saturday, November 6, 2010

Give-aways and fellow fashion bloggers

Bella Q
I just attended the second Sacramento Fashion Bloggers meet-up hosted by Bella Q, from The Citizen Rosebud and Street Style Sacramento and it was a veritable love fest of mutual admiration.  You might think fashion blogger could be a caddy back-stabby bunch, but that's so not the case.
For instance, Angeline from The New Professional has recently been hailed by Forbes Magazine as a top 20 professional fashion blogger! She's been listed on Independent Fashion Blogger's Links of the Week half a dozen times and she's completely humble and down to earth.
Or 20-year-old Coco from Muffin Top Baby; this gorgeous plus size model has been blogging for a matter of months and already has offers from a sponsor.
With all this talent in a small town and space you'd think jealous/pride might over take these gorgeous girls, but the meeting was just like hanging out with a bunch of dear friends, even though most of us had just met.
We met up for some shopping at Midtown Bazaar and then to Streets of London for beverages and photo shoots. 
Coco (Muffintop Baby), Kari (Juniper * James), Angeline (The New Professional), Nicki (Little Bits of Nikknak), Natale (Evelesco), Jen (Wade and Associates) and me. Photo by Bella Q.

Other impressive people include:
Juniper * James
Wade and Associates
(You can read about some of these darling bloggers in this month's Midtown Monthly)

One of my new favorite bloggers/friends from the meet-up is Nicki from Little Bits of Nikknak. This 23-year-old high school photography teacher posts about thrifting and crafting and is featuring her very first give away right now.

Here are some other give-aways taking place in the fashion blogging world currently:
A Spoonful of Love: Miss Megan greeting cards
Statements Fashion : Modcloth gift certificate

Looking forward to the next event!



wow what a stylish group of amazing ladies! Wish I could have been there!

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

soo bummed I couldn't be there.

sac cycle chic said...

Sorry I've missed it. Next time. :)

natale eve said...

Great photo- so glad we all got to meet again!

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh man, i am soooo coming next time! i love that all this is happening so nearby. what a rad bunch of are all so inspiring!


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