Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fashion Illustration: Historical Figure Moodboard

Last week in Fashion class we made mood boards. Mood boards are collages designers make to capture a cohesive mood for a line or project. If I had known there was a career involving collage making back in Community College, I would've made different life choices.
So this week's assignment is to make two different mood boards, both inspired by a specific historical figures.
We were suppose to choose someone from over 100 years ago, I was torn between three characters.
I was flipping through a bunch of ReadyMade magazines and saw all sorts of fun patch work designs and this is where the Cinderella inspiration came from. I've always loved mermaids and Ariel is my favorite Disney princess. I also thought it'd be fun to design some crazy skirts and hair pieces and have the model be topless.
In the end, I think the wild and reckless Princess of Sacramento, Aimee Crocker, will be the best figure for this project. The gold and railroad heiress lived in the Victorian era and played by no one's rules. She wore pants, sported tattoos and a love for Buddha, married five times (once to a prince), collected snakes, traveled the world, and never regretted a minute of it.

The first mood board we're to create is the true-to-history costume, what the character would actually wear. The second board is our modern interpretation.

Aimée Crocker moodboard

Modern Aimee Crocker
Here are my two mood boards made on polyvore.com.

If you were charged with designing clothes for a historical figure, both accurate historical representations and a modern revamp, who would you choose?

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coco said...

I love what you did. I think Aimee Crocker would be proud, and hard-pressed NOT to wear a line like this today. I personally am a sucker for anything remotely inspired by historical costuming and would seriously buy and wear a collection with this mood as it's basis.

I think if I had to pick a historical figure to dress in their period fashion and modern day wear, it would have to be Mme du Barry. What a fabulously scandalous eccentric she was! Hehe!

Thanks for the inspiration, Melody! :}

xoxo coco

P.S. The Little Mermaid ROCKS. Best fairytale ever written.


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