Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Changing leaves, changing life.

Fall is by far my favorite season in Sacramento. Fall is one of my favorite seasons in general. I love going back to school, I love Halloween, I love Thanksgiving, and I love sweaters. But there's something magical about fall in Sacramento. Maybe it's the relief after a sweltering summer, maybe it crunch of the leaves under boots and bike tires... magic.
On my way to school today, as I rode through Land Park I documented my ride.

Today I'm wearing hand-me-down jeans from a coworker back in 2006. I purchased the coat from Crossroads this year and I got the furry earth-boots when I worked at North Soles in Arcata. I'm wearing a light purple v-neck t-shirt with the tiny breast pocket from Target (they are awesome, I have the same shirt in three different colors) and a deep purple H&M cardigan. I tied a purple scarf around my write to spice up the outfit.  My scarf is actually a croqueted cuff with large buttons and big holes so you can wear it any number of ways.
Pick up your own Franny East cuff here.
I purchased this scarf two years ago Monday, the day the Eureka Reporter closed its doors.
I was a section editor for the little daily newspaper in Humboldt County. I managed the Entertainment, Home and Life sections, until the day our owner sold the paper to our competitor and we were shut down, with less than a weeks notice.
After packing up my desk on November 8, 2008,  I walked across the street to the Accident Gallery where my friend and co-worker (from the ER) had a booth for a craft show. She was selling this cuff. The tag read, "The Shanty," which was the bar behind the paper we all frequented.
I can't believe it's been two years and yet it's only been two years. It feels like another life. A life when I was someone. I had a voice and a purpose and two things I've questioned since the collapse of the ER.
I had so much of my identity wrongly wrapped up in my career, loosing that was a huge blow to my ego. The ego blows haven't let up either. I couldn't hack it at a job up in Auburn either and I've flit from one part-time gig to another.
But Fall is a season for change, if you're a leaf or a confused 25-year-old recovering journalist.
I feel my feet have found something solid after two years of stumbling and my voice has regained strength after a two year case of laryngitis.
I'm writing for Midtown Monthly; back to features, my first love and true calling. I'm taking classes at a community college and awaking the artist within. I'm still married to a wonderful guy who works a great job and allows me the time to find myself. I've fallen into an inviting and encouraging blogger community and an equally encouraging church community.
In the end my identity is in my creator and I can rest in that.
It's hard to say what's exactly next, but I'm confident I'll make it through this winter to a bright new spring.


fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

That scarf looks beautiful on you . the colors are very're great Melody!

LenaLoo said...

This is the most reflective post I have read from you yet. I guess that was your intent ;). It was very open and real and I feel like I just got to know you better than I have since that first fateful drive through the boonies on the way home from and awesome Coldplay show. Funny that I am on a long haul in the dark listening to CP now :). Have a good one Melody and keep up the good blogging!

Forevermelody said...

awwww, thanks Alena! I go back and forth from wanting to be open and real on the interwebs and wanting this to be a fun silly place. I've been enjoying your blog as well, we need to get together and do crafty things soon!

Lisa said...

love the first set of photos..great biking collage!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I agree with Lisa: the photo collage is awesome! I really appreciate your post a lot as well, Ms. Stone. You let us in, and at this point is my humbling present, it feels good to see the soft chewy center in other folks.

Falls are indeed a time of reflections, and Sacramento really shows off her feathers this time of year. Salut!

April said...

I love this post...everything about it. Your photo collage is fantastic! It's pretty amazing how life's changing circumstances can bring us into new spaces, isn't it? Thanks for sharing with us...and feel free to do it more often!


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