Saturday, November 20, 2010

Aimée Crocker - My Fashion Icon

Sassy, masculine, outlandish, outrageous. The daring and extravagant Aimee Crocker took the Victorian Era by storm, shocking and enthralling the elite society of the time.
Here's my line inspired by the Sacramento-native.
 The assignment was to design a modern line for a historic figure. I chose Ms. Crocker because she's from Sacramento, fascinating and not very well known.
She was named a princess, twice! She wore pants and smoked cigars and adopted children. She was like the Angelina Jolie/Paris Hilton of the 1870s.
She bent the rules and lived life with no regrets, she even wrote a book about it entitled, "And I do It Again." She traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, she was well known for her lavish parties and many adoring suitors.
She was a fun person to study and a fun person to design for. This line needed more garments and the blue cocktail dress is a little to prom now that it's all over, I should have used a print and more colors.
I love the way the boots came out. I feel they really convey the Victorian feel for the collection.


TheHeatherGirl said...

Nice work, Melody. I love the boots!!! The pants ensemble is my favorite.

Rachel K Schlueter said...

so fun, good work.


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